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I love silver, I always have;  its colour, its shine, its feel, its beauty.

But however hard I looked, I could never find silver jewellery that really appealed or was well made.

So I learnt to work with silver in all it forms.  I learnt to shape it, to form it, to forge it, to join it, to mold it and texture it. To create pieces of jewellery that are well made, stylishly sleek but also affordable. 

I work mainly in Sterling Silver, but also fine silver and Argentium, taking inspiration from Art Deco, Bauhaus and minimalism. 

By choosing Sleek Silver Jewellery, you are not only choosing quality and sleek design, but supporting local craftmanship over mass produced fast fashion. This means so much to me and other craftspeople.


Shrewsbury, England.

A selection of jewellery tools and a punch branded Sleek Silver
A profile picture of Stuart Simmonds, jewellery creator and owner of Sleek Silver Jewellery
The logo with the words "The Guild of Jewellery Designers"
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